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F4U-1, F4U-1A & F4U-1D Tamiya 1/72

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Hello everybody..

My project was to build one model of each main variant of the Corsair (bar the -4) during the Pacific War in 1/72nd scale. I of course choose the tamiya little gems. My main purpose actually was to duplicate the evolution of US NAVY camoflage (pity I could not build an Atlantic version.. )

Part 1 and 2 were posted here some months ago. Part 3 completes my project as I just finished the F4U-1D a few days ago

Here we go with part 1 and 2 (original is here (link) http://www.arcairawa1.com/forums/air/index...=127789&hl=



and the latest addition






and a photo of the Corsaire line up



Eric B.

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Thank you all..

Bennett : N-44 is an aircraft of VMF-441. They flew over Okinawa in 1945. I found a Profile of this aircraft in Eagles Illstrated : Allies in the Pacific by Tom Tullis page 37.

I had planned a yellow nosed aircraft of VF-84 using Techmod sheet 72037 which comes very complete with technical markings and individual markings for a/c #110, 167 and 155. Just by chance I found several several kits being build with these markings on my favourite internet sites. I wanted something less common.

VMF-441 blue nosed Corsair was to be the one. I never found no aftermarket decal sheet for these aircraft, but it turned out easy. All markings are from the Techmod sheet bar the "N-44" code that I took from a generic white letters and numbers sheet.

At a time I thought about painting them on the aircraft with properly cut masks from Tamiya tape..


Eric B.

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