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Fujimi 1/72 F7U-3P

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:cheers: However a little late on the comments (as I started to build a F-7UM, I´m in the process of researching and just now came across your topic), I must say it turned out great! And thanks for sharing your step-by-step.

Mine has had issues too joining the front and rear fuselage no matter glueing intakes to fuselage first, or intakes to front and after glueing to rear fuselage. No big deal though, just a little sanding and puttying.

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Thanks guys! You're right, homerojr, I tried a variety of assembly methods (on my -3M) and nothing worked to make those parts fit tighter. But, it's really the only thing on the entire kit that requires a little bit of extra effort. On the whole, a very fine kit.



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Very nice!

Mike, does this particular kit also come with extra parts to make the normal, non-recce version of the Cutlass? Thanks in advance.

Jackman I am told the newly released Normal Cutlass kits also have the recce nose in them as well.

Mike, this looks great, managed to get one of these so thanks for the heads up on the join.


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