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What would your dream new model release be?

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My votes:

1/48 scale injection molded Sea Vixen FAW 2, Scimitar, Viggen, Cheetah/Kfir/Pantera variants, SEAFIRES,SEAFIRES, SEAFIRES.

All said, this is a great time to be a modeler- I can remember when I really wanted injection molded late 40's and 50's FAA stuff- look at the obscure stuff available now- Supermarine Attacker to make my point- Thought that would NEVER be produced in plastic, let alone in 1/48 scale...just keep 'em coming!

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I meant for the 1/72 C-17 to be injection molded with a good cargo deck interior, and while were att it a "semi-jet", the Hercules in 1/72 with a good interior and not just the floor!

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An Academy or Tamyia 32nd F-86A or F-86E with slated wings... enginered on the level of the ACD FA/18 or the awarding winning TAM Zero!



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How about a new mold 48th Tornado....and not just that I am stoking a rumor over on Britmodeler. A new Tornado in 48th is one I have been after for a long time.

Now that we are getting a 48th Fresco from Hobbyboss, I am starting to go back to pushing for a new Flogger series

A 48th Hobbyboss scale down of the 32nd Trumpeter Mig-21/F-7s

Did I already post in this thread somewhere....beats me


<edit> OOPS I guess I did, at least I was agitating for a Flogger and Tornado back on page 2! as well as an F-80 and a new non-Vietnam era Skyraider

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All in 1/72 scale:

C130 to build Swedish TP84 Hercules and any other interresting versions.


Saab J29A,B,C,D,E,F.

Saab J32B,E Lansen

De Haviland J33 Venom.

Saab 35 Draken in the J35A,J35D,SK35C,s35E,S35F and all danish F35 and S35 versions.

(Hasegawa can easily do this,just 2 new canopies and some RWR plus the different tails).

Saab 37 Viggen with payload, AJ37,AJS37,SF37,SH37,SK37,SK37E,JA37,JA37C,JA37D,JA37Di.

(The 1/72 Gulfstream V is alrady available in 1/72 resin kit.)

I also agree on the 1/72 B-1B

Please Revell of Germany re-release the 1/72 F-16C and why not make it with conformal feul tanks and parts for any version of the f-16?

Also the russkies:

Mig-15, Mig-17 and Mig-19 in accurate versions.

A full family of Mig-21 from the F13 to the SMT (all Vietnam war Migs please!)

And why not all different First gulf war Migs also and Sukhois?

That would keep me happy for a while.

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Lots of good choices here - glad to see that most everyone is on the same page! However the one that I haven't seen that is my number one want, because it's a big gap in my collection -

1/48 F2H Banshee family - both early -1/2 and late -3/4 toolings. Too many important Navy squadrons flew that bird, not to mention, a combat history. Hard to imagine that we've yet to receive any sort of newer tooling for it!

The second item on my list is to just see all of the announced or displayed Trumpeter kits RELEASED before they announce another single release: 1/32 A-6 family, 1/48 Su-24, 1/32 Su-17/22 (the same sort of gray prototype build-up has been displayed), Heck, we've even seen parts for the pattern work of the MiG-23/27 family, and a MiG-25 - granted those later two were further out, but I'm flat out tired of getting new "fast track" announcements where they keep delivering stuff "out of the blue" before they get to stuff that they've displayed as much as 2.5 years back!

Beyond that honorable mentions go to the following, assume Tamiya level fit with Hasegawa level detail:

1/32 F-14 Family, F/A-18E/F, MiG-29 (production versions)

1/48 A-6 Family, MiG-31, Su-24, MiG-25, MiG-23/27

I'd be happy with most anything Russian in either 1/48 or 1/32, and any gap filler for a USN or USAF subject in 1/48...


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1/35 Cobra family from the AH-1G to AH-1Z

1/32 F-5 family with the RF-5E and F-5F first in line

1/48 MH-53E and MH-53J

1/48 A-6A-E in one kit with wing fold

Accurate 1/72 B-1B current version

1/72 Tall tail B-52s!

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