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Here's my first entry, the Canadian Car & Foundry "Arctic Fox" that I made from a 1/72 Matchbox Gladiator. I've included a silly little backstory for your entertainment.

In the early 1930s, there was unrest among the native tribes in Northern Canda, led by a Soviet OGPU agent known only as Chief Red Star who successfully infiltrated and then took over the Isquatinigloo tribe. Eventually the Isquatinigloo people declared their independence from Canada and the Soviet Union began supplying them with weapons and aid as part of their "Red Flag over the Pole" operation. Of course, Ottawa would have none of this and attempted to put down the uprising but was stunned when their obsolescent Bristol Bulldogs were totally outclassed by Isquatiniglooian ANT-10s supplied by the Soviets. An answer had to be found and fast. Fortunately, a purchasing manager for the Canadian Car & Foundry Co. was on very good terms with his opposite number in the Gloster Aero Co. and was able to secure advance designs for their forthcoming Gladiator. The Canadian Car & Foundry Co. added a few things that would make their new aircraft more suitable to the harsher conditions of Canada and the Arctic Fox was born. It was the first RCAF fighter to feature an enclosed canopy and a four gun armament (two being in underwing pods). It had an upgraded heating system and was powered by the famous Whitehorse double row radial engine. The Isquatinigloo independence movement was finally defeated in a climactic skirmish near the Great Slave Lake called the Battle of Wounded Groin in which Chief Red Star was shot in the crotch during a strafing run by Arctic Foxes led by Wing Commander John Barrysnell-Shell. Chief Red Star was spirited back over the Pole by an OGPU dogsled brigade and never heard from again, while Wing Commander Barrysnell-Shell was promoted to Air Commodore and charged with the defense of the Canadian Arctic. His Acrtic Fox, P3069 can be seen today at the Canadian Forces Arctic Museum in Yellowknife, across from the icebox in the cafeteria.







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Ok. It's done! Here is my completed Matchbox Madness GB entry. It's PK115, the Messerschmitt BF110C-3 M8+EP (3 colour ..ooooh!) of 6/ZG 76 "Haifisch", Le Mans, France 9/1940. The kit decals were used except for some True Details swastikas, and the upper wing German crosses. I was too fearful of the original decals cracking that I used them only on the underside, the fuselage, and of course, on the teeth on the nose. Overall it went together quite well. I did some minor detail work in the cockpit and did no weathering as I really wanted the original finish. The three colour thing was interesting, because that type of sprue was something recall liking a lot when I was a kid. The paint is the standard green/light blue early war scheme. Anyway, here are several shots of the final result of the '110. Enjoy.







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Max, that is gorgeous. I take it that is the 1:32 Mk22?

Thank you Mike. Yes it is the old but beautiful 1/32 model.

...and now I am going to glue something more bestial for the GB :thumbsup: :



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OK, figures painted and the little vignette finished.

Matchbox 1:76 kits are very basic but as per usual are solid builds.

I am pleased with the way this kit turned out. Figures were painted with Vallejo paints.



A fun build without having to be concerned with detail and too much accuracy.

More pics in my build thread



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Well the Twin Otter is finished minus the registration on the fuselage until I can get some inkjet decal paper. So here she is, I did use a little artistic licence in a few places.


De-icing boots still need to be evened out a little.


Someone forgot the nose weight.


Hard to beleive these decals are off the Revell A319.


These BA titles are actually off a 1/144 Concorde as the A319's ones were too large and didn't look right.

So there we go my first GB entry and soon to be followed by the Matchbox mossie.

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1/72 Matchbox PK-3, Boeing P-12E.

Painted using mainly Humbrol paints with Gunze, Alclad and Vallejo for details. Rescribed and some scratchbuild to add details in cockpit and engine. Rigged with Lycra thread. Decals custom printed and spare national insignias.

Hope you enjoy as I did in this lovely GB.







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Mine is done! And what fun it was too! A Mosquito B.35 mocked up as an FB.VI for the film "633 Squadron":



Kit PK-116 plus some bits from Airfix's NF.XIX/J.30 kit and just a wee bit of filler!

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Well.... PK-23 Hawker Tempest- RIAF No.7 Sq. -1949

It's done! It's not an everyday kind of model! And It was fun! - What else can you ask for?

Model was built straight out of the box using the kit decals and all. Took about four hours to build.

Hope you like it.

Gerald Richter

Gallery Link-


Picture Links-







Post edited to fix links.. Julien

Edited by Julien (UK)
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I am congratulating you very much on this fine aerial specimen.

Seriously, its great to see a OOB decal scheme - how sometimes it is easy to overlook how imaginative and innovative Matchbox actually was.



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