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Completed - an X plane

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something completed, finally!

I figured that with time getting short, I should get something done. To that end, I grabbed one of my Eduard X-1s from the stash. Nice kit, although I realize that my in progress pics are on the other computer.

Anyways, without further ado...




Rather than do the typical X-1, I thought I would used the Cutting Edge decals and do one of the NACA aircraft.

And, with a week to go, back to the X-15...

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Thanks guys!

Bill, I will dig those pics out and post them.

The decals are from the Cutting Edge sheet - well worth it, as it gives you the option to do any X-1. I decided to do the NACA as it was white (and not,

as Jay alluded to, Glamourous Glennis) and had the best markings, IMHO.

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