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Need painting advice for Revell 747 cutaway

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Managed to finally get my hands on a copy of Revell's famous 50th anniversary special edition cutaway 747... a great looking set and all, but, I really could use some advice with how to paint this complicated jumbo!

Right now I feel like I'm going to have to hand paint everything! Im pretty sure I'll have to install the interior decks before assembling the fuselage, which means theyll have to be completely painted from the outset... and while it may be possible to mask the cutaways in the left side, masking the windows on the intact side is even more daunting. And by mask I mean sticking the masking tape to the interior side (so it can be ripped out later), so I can spray right to the edge on the exteriors of the fuselage. However this wont work with the windows on the right side.

So.. any helpful advice?

btw this is finished now, pics uploaded later in this thread!

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This is a very interesting issue as I have that same kit too. Thanks for starting this thread.

I was thinking how 'accurately' will the interior should be represented anyway. I mean this was supposed to be a "travel agent shop window" kind of model right? Or a model you expect to find in an airline office. So the interior is intentented to be rather simple... Or maybe not? But if you decide to go "all the way" with it could take you weeks before you can finaly proclaim the interior to be ready and done...

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I would select a panel line that runs parallel to the seam. Paint the fuselage up to that point. Then you can mask the areas of the cut outs and paint the areas adjacent to the seam afterward you've closed and cleaned up the seam line. The more area you can paint before hand the better. Trying to work in smaller sections might be more work than necessary.

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not having seen the kit, im going to assume the windows are small right? this stuff works great for masking, ive used it on canopies, and windows. you can paint it on with a brush, or dab it on with a toothpick. let it dry and then paint. it just peels right off..gotta watch the edges though.

woodland scenics latex rubber

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When I do mine (key word being when), I thought about painting the inside and outside of the fuselage halves before assembly, assemble the parts, touchup the fuselage seams and then retouch those areas.

I'm also considering adding some form of sheet plastic over the openings on the left side to cover up the large openings, that would keep dust out.


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yeah, in the meantime since i started this thread I thought it would work to paint the fuselage halves before assembling, install the interior decks, THEN assemble the fuselage, at which point (hopefully) you only really need to touch up the white on the seams of the fuselage.

Of course, I am hoping that the new layers of WHITE paint won't stand out over OLDER layers of the same paint; chiefly, because, in my experience Testor's gray seems to slightly change it's color each and every time you spray it! Thats why, with my United 777, it was impossible to touch up the grey on the fuselage (say, 2 weeks later and you get a spot of white on it) after the initial coat was completed some time prior.

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Any slight color difference between the pre assembled and post assembled sections shouldn't be all that obvious. Just mix up enough paint to use for the second application. Also leave a buffer area to blend them together instead of a straight demarcation line.

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  • 8 months later...

Here are the completed photos

I really like this livery. I know its a bit inaccurate, as the tail should also be white, but I like this look better - something along the lines of, modern SAS meets retro SAS. In retrospect I should have built it with the gear down, not least because I now have very little confidence in the stand that Revell supplied. I have never come across any other pictures of this completed model anywhere on the internet (except the ubiquitous ones from Revell), so if anyone has links to others, please share. I wonder how it would have looked in the BA colours? In fact I was going to make this a Qantas bird, but the SAS cheatline really helped masked the windows and the interiors.


for some reason, imageshack redisplayed my uploads with minor glitches. Here the cheatline looks clearly uneven, although it is actually straight.






the dreaded jagged edges again. dont know why that happens!




and here it is with the rest of my fleet. again please mind imageshack's graphical errors, the cheatline really is straight.

Thanks for looking!

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