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Thought I'd better start posting some pics before I get accused of either not doing anything, or trying to enter something I've already built!! :)

So... current state of play of F-4C no.1. This is being built straight from the Hasegawa kit, the only change being the addition of some aftermarket ejection seats, and decals from Eagle Strike sheet 72025.

It will represent a/c 63-7604 from the 559th TFS, 12th TFW tail coded "XN" in the standard SEA scheme.




More to follow soon!

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Any update on your phantom? I'd love to see it after seeing your flipper coming along so well. But now I realize that you wrote in the thread that you have not to much time to spend on it so guess that applies for this one too :pray:

Curious for any development anyway!


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Funny you should ask! I made a real effort to move things on today, and here's the current state of progress...

I'd sprayed the underside a few weeks ago, and here's the tan sprayed (FS30219):-



...and the light green (FS34102):-



...and finally the dark green (FS34079):-



Need to go back and tidy up now, then spray the radome...

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As usual, somewhat delayed, but it's finished! Well, apart from the odd last minute detail...

Just to recap it's an F-4C 63-7604 "XN" of the 559th TFS, 12th TFW from Cam Rahn Bay during September 1969. It's the Hasegawa F-4C kit in 1/72, basically box stock but with Quickboost seats and decals from Eagle Strike sheet 72025.







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Very lovely Phantom indeed !!! I got the same decals over here, good to know how they look on the model it self !!!

Got one question;


Is that a AN/APR-30 RHAW as found on old F-4B's ? Did you make that, or is it aftermarket ??



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