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Tamiya 1/32nd F-15E Strike Eagle.

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what else can i say that you have not already read a 1000 times over. You deserve every praise you have recieved, cause I as well thought I was looking at a real Strike Eagle sitting on a tarmac somewhere when I first laid eyes on the pics. Absolutly stunning work, beyound ay words I can think of. :thumbsup:

Happy modeling,


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Hi, Guy!

What can I say to add one more little drop of sweet wine to the glass of the drops we all here one by one has added to fill it up the edge? Well... You're a real artist. Your models are the real piece of art.

You obviously love the process of creation, we fall in love with the result of your creation.

I hope we'll watch your next bird in all her Glory as now we're watching your brilliant Mudhen!

Two thumbs up! :banana::worship:


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Ello Guy,

Just thought I'd chime in and say firstly, congratulations! Must be a great feeling to finally have this episode locked up. Secondly, your model is...breathtaking. I've long been a fan of your builds, starting with the SU, the Camel and now the F15, not just because they're a fine example of the hobby but also for the great photography, humour and the sharing of absolute golden modelling knowledge. Who'd of thought wine bottle foil could be so handy huh??

So the question is now...what next?? I'd personally like to see a Tornodo or perhaps even a WW2-era Luftwaffe aircraft built. Maybe we should start a poll!

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Yepp, I'll admit it; the first two pic's had me fooled as well !!!

Tremendous sweet build & an absolute winner !!!

"Check Six....."


P.S.: Great visors on the bonedomes !!! BTW how did You get that glare in the HUD ?

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I thought it was a real walkaround aswell!

Then I read it was Tamiya, and my mind imploded.

In case you were wondering, Yes, Its very hard to type without a brain.

(Seriously though, You really have excelled and produced one of the highest quality models I've ever seen. Well done sir! Well done indeed!)

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Hey Guy,

fantastic result.. as usual.

think we could get more pics of the Sniper pod and maybe a short description of how you built it? would like to see if my resin bits turned out well.

Also - where did you get those stencils from? ;)


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Hi everyone,


Originally, I'd planned to wait until I'd got a photo of Lakenheath for a back drop......................................

Hello all, here is an update on the Mudhen.

My dad was kind enough to swing by Lakenheath on his way home from a vacation in Suffolk last week. He took a few landscapes of the airbase which allowed me to get a poster printed at Staples

Using that as a backdrop, here's how my girl should have looked the first time round......... ;)


Whoops!,......check out that wonky nose wheel....



Somehow she looks more "at home" here than at Waddo...... :D


Hmmm,.....taxiing onto the grass, never a good idea....



I'd wanted matt paper ideally but the printing process turned the sky pink.. :o It's difficult to remove reflections from this gloss paper.....

Let me take the time to thank each and everyone of you who posted a comment on this thread. All of your kind words are very much appreciated guys.......cheers!


Hi guys, thanks for dropping in. Here are two "bonus pics" of 91-0321 for those of you who stop by every now and then to have a look at my Mudhen(s)




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Those pictures are ABSOLUTELY SMASHING!!!!!!!!! :cheers::worship:

Thanks for sharing these extremely enjoyable photos! In fact this is my kind of modeling that I just wanna make my builds as realistic as far as possible!

:( :thumbsup:

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Hi guys,

Thanks for the kind words. I'm pretty happy with the latest photos that I slid in on p2, 3 & p4. I think I managed to capture the look I was after for these.

Qian, I think you're well on the way to getting the look you want. The photos you've taken of your models in natural sunlight are most convincing. Now all you need is a suitable poster backdrop and you're good to go. :worship:



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