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When I started modelling about 16 or 17 years ago I build all of the 1/76 Matchbox armour subjects. Well, all those I could get my hands on. :woot.gif: At a pocket money-friendly price and with the diorama plate they were great fun. One I never built, though, was the Humber Mk.II scout car. A friend of mine got the last available kit in those days.

So, this Matchbox Madness GB and the re-release of the Matchbox kits by Revell have provided a great opportunity to finally build that kit.

The title is a reference to Madmike's "Was it los?" build of a German scout car. So I'm building the Brit version. <_<



Sprue B:


Sprue C:


Sprue B and C. Whatever happened to Sprue A? ;)



Marking options:


What I don't get is why the British would paint German Balkenkreuze on the turret f the second option. Or did Revell screw up and ths is a captured scout car pressed into German service?

So, that is the kit. Started building right after taking pics of the sprues.


117 minutes later :) (no kidding!):






Neat little kit! Was a lot of fun. No major fit issues and a surprisingly little amount of flash. There are some gaps that may need a bit of attention from Mr. Dissolved Putty.

Hope to get the first colours on on Friday or so.

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Looking great mate!

I am half way through painting the base now and will need to go back and add decals (sourced some Italeri ones) to the little 6 rad.



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Mister "Don't build, put it in the stash" did it again,

he has built a kit, recently a Hasegawa F-16 and now this one. Two weeks ago I got a kit from his stash as birthday present. May be he is ill and don't dare to tell :salute: . See you next week. :thumbsup:

Bis denne,


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