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Ive been thinking about a way to make the observation window in the forward fusalage, Ive been trying to find a sheet of clear plastic card but had no luck locally, and then I thought about a bottle of Kristal Klear.

Any idea how big the maximum size the window can be?

Also as Ive never used it before

How can a liquid glue make a window?

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Kristal Klear is a white glue, similar to Elmer's. It dries sort of clear. If you want the impression of a window without actually being able to clearly see through, it works fine.

As to how it works, it is a thick white PVA type glue. Its surface tension allows you to fill a window opening. You can get a drop on a toothpick, then touch it to the opening and let the surface tension hold it all together as you work the drop around to fill the opening. It will tend to dry concave to the outside of the window - the thinner the plastic that defines the window opening, the less concave it will be.

edit add

forgot to say it will easily fill a window 1/4"x1/4", 3/8"x1/4" would also work, bigger can become problematic.

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or you can use clear plastic from packages - batteries, some food, a lot of stuff around you now is being packaged in clear plastic - so you have unlimited supply and do not have to pay for it!

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