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This is the kit.


These are the options


and here are the parts


I bought this kit in 1994, and haven't done much with it since.

I've pinched the F-18A tails for another project, painted the pilot - probably whilst painting a batch, and the arrestor hook.

Other than that, this kit is "as new" condition. I've just painted the cockpit components, and hope to get that assembled tonight.

I'm a bit surprised that this kit is labled an F-18C, I though it was an F/A-18C - or have things changed since 1994?

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Finish straight.

Masked canopy whilst I applied Matt finish. If you can smell the varnish - there's a very good reason.

Fitted the fiel tanks, removed my sprue handles, and installed the burner cans.

Just AIMs left to fit - and they need some markings.


Leving that paint to set - whilst I visit mum for tea


Hope to complete later tonight.

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