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32nd BK-117 B2 "Westpac Rescue"

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Hi Niek, yes mate I am! But the weather is nice and I have been busy working down at the hangar on my Auster T7. It has been perfect weather for spraypainting the 2 pack paint I am using and don't want to miss such good opportunities.

The BK is back off the shelf of doom and I did some more on her last month. Got some black/grey sprayed on some parts and got the stenciling on the centre consul.




Not much but I plan on only working on stalled projects this year! I hope........



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Oh wow, thanks guys!!!

I appreciate all of your comments, it truly means a lot from each one of you.

Niek the switches were done with stretched sprue and some are in the 'on' and some 'off' position as per pics.

Like I say, I am busy at the hangar whilst the weather is playing ball, but rest assured the BK is getting some love again!

Cheers and thanks again guys


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Uh Oh........



They just took delivery of their new H-145!! (photo courtesy of the Canterbury West Coast Air Rescue Trust Facebook page)

So I went and brought one of these...



Hmmm, I think I might have gotten the drive finally to work on this Bk-117 again!

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9 hours ago, Rotorman said:


LOL, I was waiting for you....😂


6 hours ago, GeejeeZ said:

Ah great, welcome back Anthony! Can't wait to see the build continue!

Tricky question: have you got the H145 build planned already?



Gertjan, I am trying not to get too interested, although I did go down the other day and take some detail photo's....I need to focus.....


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