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I use Maskol from Hubrol.

It's liquid mask, when exposed to air, it turns into something like rubber.

Pink colored, and smells like hell. :bandhead2:

Excellent stuff, unreplaceable for tons of things, I use it for masking the wheels(since it's liquid, and you can dilute it with water, you can almost wash with it), prop heads,canopy and lots of other things where is difficult to use masking tape and similar masking tehniques.

Be careful though, Maskol and Acrylic paint don't mix.

There are few others manufacturers that make the same thing, you can try Mr masking sol or Microscale's Micro mask, but they are slightly different, they turn rather firm, so can be cut, unlike Maskol, which turn into rubber.

I've tried both type, and I like the Maskol more.

Hope this helps.

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If you can find a carpet fitter's supplier, you should be able to buy liquid latex in, at the very least, 1 litre bottles. Buy 5 litres, decant into old washing-up bottles, or similar, sell it to your friends, and get your money back!

Beware Maskol, and any other masking agent that smells of ammonia; it can, and will, play havoc with Future, and other floor polishes, since they contain an ingredient which is susceptible to ammonia.


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I use the stuff from MicroMark and really like it. Remember to remove as soon as you can as the longer it's on, the harder it is to get off. I try not to let it stay on for more than a couple of days. Tried that stuff from from Micro Scale, (Micro Mask?) and didn't like it as much, though I seem to remember not following my own advice and left it on too long.

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hi I use Gunz Mr neo-sol liquid masking good stuff, Maskol has had the formula changed/modified recently & some have noticed bad reactions with glazed parts, & staining. I'm sure there are some threads about maskol here or on Britmodeller.


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I used blu tac with some success. I liked it because with the aid of a cocktail stick I cold "finess" the edges exactly where I wanted and take as much time as I liked to do so (unlike maskol where you're working against the clock so to speak before it sets.)

I used blu tac it to "plug" some air intakes already finished in matt black before applying a white top coat.

It was on a 1/72 kit, so a wiggly line would probably be harder to spot with the naked eye. I doubt I'd win any competitions.

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