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...Transporting my model....

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Hello ARC'ers...

as the title says I'm lookin for an idea to box my models for transoprting them!

It has to survive a 3/3.5 hours travel in a car' trunk and doesnt have to be "super-efficient-profi-mega" packing!

I just need some ideas for an average packin which I can build tonight or tomorrow in some hours!

I was thinkin of a simple box (like the ones where you ship things...the "paper" ones --> sorry for my english) with attached supports for wings and tails and with those polystyrene stuff all around the box...

any better idea?!?


Cheers guys


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The easiest way I have found is use a box and put cotton stuffing inside from like the inside of a pillow if you know what I mean.Place the model on that so it is cushioned but can kind of float with the bumps etc.I have shipped many models like that with much sucess.Just my 2 cents HTH


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Woooow....never thought of that!!!!!!coool dude...thanks!!!

now i just need to steal a tons of cotton from my mother or girlfriend...dunno where I'll be less hurt LOL!!!!!

thanks aarzee!!!I think i'll try that



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Here's how I have always moved my models... buy some foam core boards... you know the two bristol boards sandwiching some foam? At any rate this makes a nice sturdy base.... now, cut out squares that a wee bit larger then your plane or any other model for that matter that will sit on it. Then buy some GOOD QUALITY two sided tape... you can get clear 2 inch thick two sided tape from any home improvement store. Then put this two sided tape on one side of the bristol board. Once done place and gently press down on the model as the landing gear sits on the sticky tape on the board... you will notice the model will not move... if you put in inside a box it will not move around... the bristol board may move but the the plane does not. So you just need to use some more tape to on bristol board (which your model is now stuck to) and tape it to the bottom of a box. Close up the box and your plane will arrive safely... I always move my models myself and if you just don't drop it, flip the box or anything... this is the BEST way to transport a model... no damage to the model at all and peeling the wheels off the two sides take is a snap...


PS: if you want find two sided tape then what I have done in the past is use regular clear 2inch wide tape and invert it around the bristol board so that you have a sticky side on both sides... this also enables you to just plop it in a box... and it just sits there and will not move...

Now, just be sure to make the bristol board pieces larger then your model in case the board moves inside the box so that the various pointy bits (that usually stick out past bases) don't hit the side of the box and get damaged.

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I use polystyrene sheet and cocktail sticks... Been doing this for years, going to 4-5 shows a year and NEVER broken anything!

It does start to wear through the paint after a few years but that's a minor issue!

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You can take a box and some rubber bands. Cut the rubber bands and put them through the box securing them on both sides. Make what ever pattern you need. You end up with them resting on the rubber bands which lets them move a bit with out touching anything or putting stress on the gear.



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I packed mine like this when I did my recent house move:


or like this:


that has to be the most organized and proficient move crate system i've even see. :salute:

i've done the suspended in rubber band method before and it works really well. the only difference i did was to lightly sandwich the wings between two level of bands and i put a few pegs glued to the bottom of the box up to just past wing level to stop and side to side motion. just for good measure, i shook the heck out of the box to check stability and the planes bounced around like flubber but nothing broke or got marred. the bad thing is unless you want to rig a complicated net, it's only one model per box.

good luck. thankfully with the move we're about to make. i'm only going about 7 miles down the road. i can transport them in small groups un-boxed and be safe.


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Hey guys....

thanks everybody indeed for the fast replying and for helpin me out!!!!

I was running out of time (as always) and so I've used the fastest method given here....THANKS AARZEE!!!!!!

I had just few minutes to put it in the box and go LOL!

it worked just great with the box filled with cotton!!!

I wanna thanks you outher guys too cause you gave some nice ideas which will be kept saved for a future time (niart17...I'll keep in mind when I'll need to move for sure!!!) LOL!!!!

everybody again thanks so much!!!!



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that has to be the most organized and proficient move crate system i've even see. :yahoo:


Thanks, me and my bro came up with this sometime ago and so far everything has moved safely, at least the boxes I've look in so far. My really big models had to go in a box that a washing machine got delivered in.


to save space I cut slots or holes in the plywood so things like tails or radomes on the lower level would poke through to the next level




This is the box once it was packed, you have to remember to keep boxes to sizes you can get through doors though, this one just squeezed through the front door:


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