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Quick qn... I'm working on a batch of weapons to go on a number of Phantoms/F-16's in 1/72nd scale. I know that the basic color is FS36375 with blue/yellow/brown bands as appropriate.

BUT...what color are the fins on the AIM-9L/M/X and the nose and fins on the AIM-120B/C??


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Helo drab and steel mixed about 50:50 is a pretty good paint for AIM-9 seeker heads. The lens is sort of a pale translucent gray/tan.

The forward fins on AIM-120s are a dark steel color with a shiney silver band about an inch wide on the leading and trailing edge. I think Pig has some good pictures of his 1/32 F-16 with 120s that show how it should be done.

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