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Hmmmm. . . too many issues with this one really, it's more of a tester for the real one I'll do later! The metallic does show when you catch the light but in more of a "Raptor on a dull day" way than a Raptor in the sunlight" way when it really shines. More metallic next time. But it is accurate after a fashion. The canopy is too tinted but didn't really show up until after I removed the masking. More smoke, less yellow and lighter coats next time! Ahh well. Really really dislike the Xtracrylic paints. Far too fragile for the kind of handling I subject a model to (too many years with the king of paints, Mr Color, have spoiled me!). . I'll mix Mr Color for the Mod-Eagle scheme next time. Also left me with a semi-gloss but somehow gritty finish which has toned back with the varnish but I don't like at all. Decals are a mix of kit and Two-Bobs, all of which performed flawlessly. All a learning experience for the next one. Yes, it is Waco's jet!






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Wow, this Raptor looks great, especially in flight! Love the gold tint on the canopy but the yellow behind the canopy, I don't think is the right color but the paint job and scheme looks right on! I give it a big :thumbsup: and here is hoping we in the US get the 1/72 Revell Raptor sometime this decade.

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