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<...> Chernaya Akula means "Black Shark" - right? <...>

AFAIK, it does. :cheers: And the name was indeed taken from the Ka-50. And the Akula-class SSGNs, which, as submarines, are also black.

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Hi, Sharksteve! Welcome aboard!

Very impressive build. Very nice finish and weathering. Very realistic finish on the exhaust pipes.

Flawless and shark...oh, sharp! Awesome! :rolleyes:

BTW, what build are you considering to be next?

Cheers and happy modeling!



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Bravo!!! :cheers:

Very nice model and display!

I'm looking forward to your future builds!

A nice Su-27 would look great next to that...or perhaps a MiG-29A... :rolleyes:

Welcome aboard!



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Like the other have said "welcome to ARC". It is nice to have you with us. Since you only started building models for last couple of years.......I would say you're a natural. Very nice looking start indeed. I would love to see your other models as well.

BTW, God Bless You......your a brave soul to be in the middle of all those sharks.


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Thank you very much for your comments. I am considering to build a 1/32 F-16 arctic blue bandit (Red Flag Alaska, the blue scheme). I ordered the twobobs decals for that and for practice ordnance.

As for a SU-27 as "partner" for the MIG, that is allready there. The SU-27 was one of my first models (and for that it turned out rather well. It is an out of the box build - I did not know about the zactoman corrections then) So the SU-27 sits right beside the MiG-29 on my shelf.

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Very nice intro...and that Fulcrum is par excellence...and if I may say so; You got more guts than Kansas City slaughter house to be filming those beasties that close!!!. You have my admiration in both your modeling skills and your occupation.

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Hi Steve

I've just started building this kit myself! I hope mine turns out as nice as yours :-)

Quick question, did you need any nose weight on yours? Instructions don't say if it's needed and it looks like there's already a lot of weight forward of the main gear.



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I needed noseweights.

I used a staple of old foreign currency coins, approximately 10 coins (something like quarter dollars or similar size). This coins I bundled together with tamiya tape and fixed them with twoside-adhesive tape into the nosecone.

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