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M41 A3 Walker Bulldog AFV Club 1/35

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Not yet ready to build the Jagdtiger's dio, and I don't feel like finishing a just started M51 Sherman.

So here is my new project:


M41 A3 walker bulldog from AFV club, which I'll build as a South Vietnamese one.

To get along with the kit:

- photo etch from Eduard

- a barrel from Barrel Depot (What I didn't know before buying it was that there was already one in the box.... )

- Friul tracks




I want to get rid asap of the photoetch (That's a nightmare for me with my sausage-like fingers), so I've started to build small sub groups.

Here is the tool storage for shovel, pickaxe, etc...

Continuing currently with the .50.


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Today's work:


Road wheels, drive sprockets, idler wheels, and roller.

Some damage done while cutting the parts from the sprue, but nothing really bad, as nevertheless I'll have to do some cuts on the wheel's rubber to make them "live".

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I see you do like i do get those darn road wheels out of the way frist.

Exactly, yes.

I don't really look forward to build or paint them with each kit. Just masking them before paint could be a nightmare. All metal road wheels suits me well in general. :doh:

But anyway, the building went fairly well here.

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Some troubles today with Serving to post the pics.

So I've gone to flickr.

I've glued the suspension arms.


I've kept myself some margin so as to be able to build the rolling gear more "live".


This is how it could look in the end.

But for the moment, the road wheels, driving sprockets, idler wheel and return roller are not glued, they will be after the painting, and before the weathering.

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One of my fave tanks of all time... ranks second only to the Tiger in my book ;-) At any rate... this should be a really fun build...

Are you going to build a dio around it? Would be nice to see it rolling over some rocky terrain or even a downed small tree... to show off the suspension.


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I'm currently fighting my way through the PE (What a pain in the ####!).


The front end is finished.

The PE tools displayed here are extremely useful.



Once finished, some sanding will be necessary.


More closer.

The worker responsible for welding the lights protection must have been very drunk...

I ask you, on which planet do we live???

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Still fighting with the PE.


But this time on the rear of the hull. It was sometimes tricky to find the exact place of some parts, as neither Eduard's or AFV's instruction are very clear.


I gave a coat of Surfacer to the exhausts, to prepare the weathering work.


How it look from the rear side.

The chain near each of the gas tanks caps will not be left as they are, I've just glued one end and waiting for complete drying.

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Forgot to talk about a little problem with the drive sprocket.


I'll try to explain as clearly as I can.

The DS have two parts, an axle an the ds itself.

You got to put the axle in its place through the hull.

But then, the problem is that there is only a small part of the axle that go inside the DS, no more than 1 or 2mm.

So I think it can't support the weight of the tracks once they will be in place.

Solution: Replace the plastic axle with a brass one, longer, that will go through the entire width of the DS.

I have to find that axle before starting the painting.

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i go away for a few days and you all most have it done. loos great to me so far. any idea on how yo are going to paint it yet?

I'm not really sure to undestand what you mean, but yes, I already know how I'll paint it.

I want it to be an ARVN tank (Didn't have many pics, though), there is not so much choice: Olive drab.

I'll put a first coat of tamiya's XF62 olive drab.

Then I'll have some fun weathering it with this set of paint from lifecolor:


But still, I have to build the turret, and fix the drive sprocket axle.

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