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This is the kit I bought to console myself after Fairford was cancelled <_<


Boy, has it worked! :banana:

The kit is stunning. Despite being 12 years old, there's nary a seam sight. As for flash and sink-holes, forget it!! The fit is exemplary and the detail is stunning. The whole thing is going together like a dream. Really, really enjoying it.

The other thing about is is the size. I normally do WW2 British tanks, so I'm not used to big tanks - who knew modern MBTs were so big? :doh:

I've just been fiddling with it in my spare time so far, I've got to clear a couple of other projects off the bench before I can get really stuck in, but just fitting the main pieces together I'm very impressed with the look of the thing.



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Your MBT is certainly coming along nicely. Looks like a sweet kit. Are you going to paint up the loading crew as well? That looks to be a neat addition.

I'm looking forward to seeing more.



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It's been 12 years already? Wow! I only remember that when it came out some people were saying that Tamiya was only a hair's breadth away from the perfect kit.

I've got the version with the mine roller.

Looking forward to further progress! :doh:

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