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The Official T-84 Oplot Thread

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Well, I thought I'd get started on this thread right now, as this is going to probably turn out being a very long and tedious process :lol:.

Everything will be based off the model seen at the IPMS Nationals 2008, seen here:





Info sheet with the model.

Starting with references:


Site includes two shots of interior as well as basic layouts of the topside/front.


General info site on the T-80UD, on which the T-84 is based. About 3/4 down is the Oplot info, with drawings.

Original Inspiration: T-84 Oplot from Point of Existence Mod for Battlefield 2 computer game B)


So far, the parts break down is:

-Dragon/Skif 1/35 T-80UD base kit

-Miniarm Turret with extensive modification for turret 'attachments', bustle, weapons. Provisions for autoloader, and seperated crew and ammo compartments.

-SP Designs Roadwheels, Detail Parts for T-80 with modification for T-84 spec.

Well...that's it for now. Research will continue with construction set to begin sometime early next year. :thumbsup:


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this project ROOOOCKS!!!!

so basically the idea is to reproduce everything that this guy at Nats has done right???

coool....I cant wait to see your first pics!!!!

but hey...pleaaaase,do a better job on the dio base cause for all that work that guy put it it is a shame to have a so and so base for a superb build like that!!!

Cheers dude


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