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PZL23 "KARAS" 1/48

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Hello Gentlemen,

a new build with something very different.

The model is from WCM and, for the moment, it’s a real pleasure to build.

It will be OOB, just for the fun.

It starts with the engine. No extra details added. The original parts are sufficient.



The Olive Drab is Agama Polish Khaki. It’s the first time I use this paint and I’m not disappointed.

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The step area which disappeared during the sanding was remade with aluminum foil.

WCM provides the handles in Photoetche (too flat) or plastic (too big). I've prefered remake them with copper wire:


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Hello and thanks for your comments.

Can you please do a step by step of how you achieve your final painting finishes. How long does it take to complete lets say the wheel pants?

Yes, of course.

As you'll see, below, it's not a very long or very difficult process.

first part of painting with the exhausts:


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