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My next build will be the 1/72 PZL 37 by Plastyk. This is a rather old mold, but has pretty good interior detailing and a good overall shape. Two problem areas are the not-clear parts and less then stellar machine guns.

Lets begin with the obligatory parts shot


you might have noticed the tweezers, they're holding a polished and futured greenhouse nose. This helped somewhat, but the part is so bad that even with this treatment, most of the wonderful interior will not be too visible.

you may have also noticed that there are two tail options. The single tailed A and the twin tailed B. I haven't decided which version I'll build yet, but both are pre-war (by a hair). the A is from 1938, and the B from August of 1939. There is also an airshow version from 1938 and a Romanian machine.

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Thanks guys!

Maxidad, this is one of my favorite bombers!

A little bit of progress on the Los. The interior is more or less completed. It looks sloppy, but if you folks could see how horrible the clear parts are, then even this looks like it is an overachievers effort. However, since this photo was taken, I have replaced the pilot's harnesses with longer thinner ones.

I did loose the rear-gunner's back rest, so I'll have to fashion a new one.


not visible in this shot are the rescribed fuselage panel lines. I still need to do the wings, but I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

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