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Special Forces Humvees

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These are two Humvees I´m building at the moment, using the RoG "TOW and Ambulance Humvee"-set. :) The kits are great and I will do them as special forces humvees:

The former ambulance humvee:


As you can see, I used a lot of simple plastic rods to do some kind of crash-cage that is also holding the hatch with the launcher.


Both Humvees can be seen here. After I did all the main conversions of the former ambulance who will later carry the TOW-launcher, I started the other one who will carry a MK.19 grenade launcher. The modelling of the crew is usually the most time-consuming process.




They will form up a nasty SF-patrol with my already finished SF-humvee when done:




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This last weekend I spent with doing either flights-imming or modelling, so the Humvees got some treatment. I added some of the armory (the MK-19) and the SATCOM-antennas.



The newly installed TOW-launcher, using the parts of a Dragon Humvee.


The rest of the crew, on the left the driver, machine-gunner and the TOW-operator, the figure on the right is the MK-19 operator.


Lots of equipment and stuff added, coming mostly out of my Roco-sparebox and from Goffy Models (bags and rucksacks). Also a first layer of green for both vehicles.




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Now the next Stepp, the application of a camo-net fort he TWO-Humvee.

I´m using some mesh as you can find it in a first aid kit. Cut into nice little pieces and glue it on the model, using wood-glue (my favorite: PONAL).


Since PONAL is water bases, you can easily thin it with more water. I did so and applied this water/glue-mixture on the mesh, forming it in the way a net would hang on the vehicle.


While the mesh ist still wet, I apply this stuff I don´t know an english word for (in german, it´s "Streugut"). It´s usually for model-railways, where you use it to make gras. It´s basically very small pieces of wood, colored in different tones of green and brown. Don´t use too much, or you will loose the "net"-appeal of the whole thing. It also helps a lot of you have it in multiple colors, if you use in in only one color it won´t really look like a camoflage.


Once again I apply the water/glue mix to fix the small parts. The water will also dissolve the color of the Streugut and make the mesh lose it´s white and turn green instead.


That´s how it looks like when it starts drying:


...and when it´s dry:


When it´s all dry, you can easily paint it again, although I suggest to thin your color a lot to keep the small contrasts provided by the different shades of green/brown of the small pieces.

That´s how camo-net and Humvees now look like:



They only need some last parts of equipment added and a final washing with "dirt", and then they´re finished!


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great builds on both of them . and a great tip on the camo netting to. if you dont mind i will use it on my hummer avenger that i am working on.

Hey, that´s why I put this kind of "instruction" in here! You are more than welcome to copy or even enhance my method! But in that case please inform us how and what you did... :)

@All the others: Thank you for the kind words! Sorry for the abuse of an ambulance, but that thing was just too ugly. :)


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I realized I didn´t updated this thread with the latest pictures. Here they are, showing the Humvees with the one I built some years ago.




And in the "jungle" of our garden:




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though the last post here is 2 months old it's the only one of it's kind..so please dont't delete it

your humvees are awesome, the scratch work is unbelievable. I have the revell pack work-in-progress, ambulance+unarmored vehicle. and everything was pretty easy to do but I couldnt paint the wheel rims straight: the rim paint would go over tires or the black would cover the rims - so its masking problem. but I dont know how to mask such small area. oh, and I use a brush, not an airbrush.. the mask should be of much higher quality - it has to stick better...

any ideas anyone




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Have a drink and wait until the shaking of your hand stops... :thumbsup:

Sorry, that´s the only advice I can give. Plus, that extensive weathering in the end will cure all small problems that might have occured during painting.


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Have a drink and wait until the shaking of your hand stops... :thumbsup:

Sorry, that´s the only advice I can give. Plus, that extensive weathering in the end will cure all small problems that might have occured during painting.


drinking out of the question - to much turpentine in glasses s around me..lol

and figured that weathering would help, will see



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Huh, I missed this when I was away at college. Looks good.

Where'd you get the sniper rifle?

Oh and for figures, check these guys out, I like them quite a bit:


They're soft plastic, but paint sticks to them very well (as well as prieser or any hard plastic). They just came out with some modern releases (US Soldiers, c. 2008, SF from around the world), and are planning on releasing some others such as a modern German and French set, as well as Somalian/Asian militia, however. They also released (a while back) some US Soldiers with early OIF equipment and some 'urban resistors'.

Take care,


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