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1/35 Strela 10 (aka SA-13 Gopher) WIP

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Skif may not be the best company out there in terms of detail or fit but unfortunately they are the only ones out there with a 1/35 range of MTLB based vehicles. The Strela 10 is one of them. Overall the fit is decent and the kit comes with an interior. However the interior is wrong for the A/A variant pictured here. So it has been left out. Most of the work you see here is creation of details that are present on the actual vehicle but completely left out of the kit. The kit does have one advantage that its overall shape is correct. I know there is an Eduard photoetch set for it but when i looked at it the set didnt seem to have the shape and fidelity seen in the reference pictures i have. So i set about recreating alot of it with sheet plastic. The roadwheels were replaced with the ones from a trumpeter SA-6 SAM kit and the track will be the resin link and length set from Accurate Armour. Enjoy










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Thanks guys. Its been a rewarding project too. Not near finishing but getting there.

My 2 main reference pages are here



youll see in the second link that theres floats mounted to the side of the hull. Its common to see Gophers with and without them. I like the lines of the hull without so i just represented the mounting points for them. When its done i plan on having the model firing a missile similar to this picture


The kit comes with 4 decent Strela missiles that just need some dressing up with .010 sheet.

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I have to agree with everyone else, excellent work. Nice to see someone take on a subject and scratch build the heck out of it. Very good attention to detail. I look forward to seeing the finished product. Thanks for the links too, great reference for the future. Don M.

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For some reason Photobucket is being slower than dirt today and my stuff isnt uploading right. I did get one shot in. I got the track on last night and one of the missile boxes detailed up. I have to do the other 3 boxes next. In the mean time im going to shoot all the recesses with nato black. Im going to be doing a vehicle with a rather muddy lower hull. Not chunky mud but more like it splashed through alot of puddles of runny mud. The kind that make the hull look like it was painted in dirt color.

Here is the one shot i managed to upload. Still some small details on the gantry like the radar dish and other small boxes.


OK Got the rest uploaded.






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The tracks are the Accurate Armour link and length track. They supplied more than enough lengths that i just used them. I used my space heater to warm the lengths and wrap them around the sprocket and idler. I just trimmed and filed the final length in the series on each side to fit the remaining gap. Much easier than fiddling with the tiny individual links they supplied for the idler and sprocket.

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