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Productivity is up.

A good session today so the Control Tower added and the P-47 completed. The last Jug has been underpainted for reference only as I already have the colour study of it, while the other five aircraft have been underpainted for value.


I just need to add the prop arcs of the main aircraft and a little more detail in the background, and then it's time to crack open the oils - I can't wait, its taken a long time to get here.


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Cheers Dave

A good amount of progress today, so here's the current state on the work bench




Totally AWESOME!!

Love the concept of the propellor moving as this rate of speed surely shows movement of preparing to take off....But with the wheel bays slightly askew

beginning to close up under the pilot , you can almost feel that any minute now it will be fulli airborne.

The coloring feesl right..The other 5 aircrafts left "underpainted" actully enhances the hub-bub of the action ...

The burnt sienna color gives " heat" to the element of the P-47 taking off, even if the weather may have been cooler ..if

you know what I mean...

Great piece of artistry...

Cannot wait to see the finished article...

HOLMES. :bandhead2::taunt:

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Slow work as lots going on at the moment, plus with winter here daylight hours and decent light to paint by is scarce.

I've managed to get the sky pretty much completed, other than a few details that I will add once things are dry.



Now I've got the sky finished I can start laying in the grass areas, as the sky has set the mood and will control the ground colours.


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Gents hi

Slow progress

But at least some. Currently pretty much everything is blocked in, and at what I call the ugly stage. It's sufficient that I can now can envisage the final painting and see what needs doing.



Still a long way to go, but the plan is to get the runway finished, and then its onto the aircraft and the details.


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Gents hi

Sorry for my absence towards the end of the GB, but real life kept getting in the way.

A little over time but this monster is finished.


This piece is 44" x 14" with a view distance of some 5 feet so taking decent photos was a bit of a challenge.

Russ Kyles "Lorene"


the rest of the gaggle


Comments and critique welcome

I will open a beer this weekend and sign the canvas.


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