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I have a spray can of Humbrol Metalcote Aluminium and am not afraid to use it!

However I don't know whether to apply my £5 worth of decals with or without varnish first.

Will a varnish affect the finish (grainy though it is) much? But is it necessary for decal adhesion, or is the surface of metalcote smooth enough?

I'd appreciate some advice.

Many thanks guys


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If you use oil based solvent varnish it will affect the Metalcote finish - yep, I found out the hard way. If you have polished the Metalcote it should be smooth enough for decalling, the only snag will be the carrier film unless you trim the decals individually. I have used polished aluminium to simulate high speed silver. For decalling I applied a coat of klear, then Satin Cote to seal everything in. If I wanted a metal finish I would not overcoat with anything, it defeats the object of metalliser type paints.

For any future projects with metallic finishes I will use my small supply of SNJ, after that goes I will get some Alclad, grain is not a problem with these paints.


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