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Was there somewhere a 1/32 Harvard Anounced?

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Well, I got it half right...or is that half wrong?

Yeah! you got the Hobby good ;-)

about the A-36,

this is a mail I received from Hobbycraft. :

Hi Niels,

Thank you for your email.

The 1/32 Sea Furys are released already, as you know. The Mustangs are due any day now, and the Texan/Harvard are still in the development stage. The word got out before we were ready, so this project may fall by the wayside if someone else decides to do it.

Thank you

Customer Service

So Who Knows! :-)

Cheers :thumbsup:



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The word I got (which has been made public elsewhere) is that the T-6/Harvard will be the first in what HC hopes is a revamping of the company's image (for the better), and that it is supposed to be something more in line with Hasegawa than previous HC releases, which, to be generous in many cases, have been less than stellar (Sea Fury, for example).

I don't know anything more, but that came from HC directly..


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I'm curious what Hobbycraft will bring us,

of course, the quality of the sea fury wasn't that good, but, on the other hand, who has ever done a injection molded 1/32 Sea Fury....

and Allok,

I've never really tried vac-form, but I think I must give it chance! many great models, but those shipping costs to holland :)

Cheers :thumbsup:


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