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Printable modern aircraft carrier deck section

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Is 3 Wire still in business? The link provided in this thread is no longer active, and Sprue Brothers only shows two carrier deck sheets available...


When they were shutting down their site a while back they said they were "taking a break". Not sure if they will be back or not but, for now they are no longer in operation.


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So are these no longer 'free' to download?  All the links seem dead, and it appears that this due in part to the fact that these base designs were sold to flying mule and 3wire?  Are these still obtainable?  I'm needing the 1/48 LHD carrier base for a retirment gift I'm doing for someone, but they don't seem eligible to acquire anymore.   If these are in fact dead, can we remove this link that's advertising these as printable?  Seems a bit misleading.  Any help is appreciated.  

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I just went to the site and tried downloading a few and it worked fine for me.  If you can't get the one you want just let me know the title of it on the site and I will download a copy and email it to you.


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