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Chevy Silverado in any scale?

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Do any of the car modelers out there know if there was ever a 1/24 or 1/25 (not sure what is more common in car scales) Chevy Silverado that I might be able to adapt to make these?





Thanks :worship:


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Will this do it? I've built a few of these and they came out nice...Little fit issues with the bed but otherwise ok.


That does help!

Probably a bit of an earlier model, but with the mods I'll probably make to it, it won't be noticeable :thumbsup:

Are these hard to find?


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Not a lot out there for current trucks. In 1/24-25 you have a couple of late 80, early 90s Fords, a 96 Dodge and Chevy and then the '99 Chevy and that is about it.

Diecast adds a lot of options for newer trucks, Maisto has a lot of decent late model trucks that don't cost too much. I prefer plastic but diecast works, you just need to use CA glue or epoxy to attach stuff.

Civilian trucks are very under represented in 1/35 or even 1/32, it would be nice to be able to do a Toyota or Nissan technical, and now the Big 3 seem to be getting into the armed truck thing too.

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