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1/32 - F-14A Tomcat - VF211 Checkmates

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Salt´n´Tomcat!!!! Woooow,a wonderful weathering,that´s what I wanted to see on a Tomcat.Amazing technic,congratulations and thanks for showing us the way to the Dirt!!




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Thank you so much guys for these kinds comments!

I'm really near the end!!

I just have to spray final varnish coat and to put antenas!

maybe some pictures tonight!


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here are some quick pictures.

I hope there will be nice weather next weekend to take better pictures under sunlight !








To conclude, it was a pleasure to build this big Cat...

I did not so much scratchbuilding, and it was fun to experience salt weathering!


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All the effort you've put in has really paid off, been watching this from the begining and it is ended up a real knock out... :P .

Thanks for the tips along the way as well, gotta try the salt technique out at some piont in the future.

All the best Jamie

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WOW!! She is amazing, awesome, stunning!! :woo:

Lovely weathering, top notch!

What else can I add?... A pearl piece... oops, - a real piece of art! No, just a perl! :)

Happy modeling!



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wow! :thumbsup:

thank you for those kind words!!

I'm touched!

I let the salt around 10-15 minutes after the last coat of paint.

I removed the major part of salt with a tissue, above the bathtub. Then to clean it good, i used a wet tissue.

I use a brush to remove the last grains


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