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Tu-104 in 1/200 scale

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It's been over 12 years since I've done an airliner model. You can see most of them in the link on my signature.

I found this Tu-104 on eBay. The seller described it as 1/200 scale. I have never seen this before. There is no original box. The instructions are in spanish as it was made in Mexico. The company is Pegaso Necomisa. The kit is very simple, yet it looks decent. It is even better than the VEB Plasticart 1/100 kit but that is not hard to do. :thumbsup:




I did a rough quick measurement and it came out to 1/188 scale to me, which is in the 1/200 ballpark.

This is an interesting kit of an interesting subject in an interesting scale. So I think this would make an interesting project.

Anybody knows anything about this kit?


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I think I found where this comes from.

Lindberg released the Tu-104 back in the early 60's in an odd scale: 1"=15'9" which translates into 1/189. The instructions of the Lindberg use the same pictures as mine, and most importantly the parts look identical. So it seems this was a Lindberg mold that found its way into Mexico. I wonder if it still exists......


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Necomisa and Lodela, were the only two mexican brands that from 60´s to 90´s reinyected many kits from Revell, Airifx, Monogram and Lindberg many times with it´s own decals for the mexican market. Lodela and Necomisa now are gone. Necomisa sell the Tu-104, Tu-144, B707 among others in those odd scales. Lodela resell many Revell´s kit like the B707, DC-9 and CV990 in 1/132 and DC-10 and B727-100 in 1/144. In the last years (from 80´s to 90´s) they sell a lot of Airfix kits all in 1/144, many of them in mexican airlines liveries.

So, this Tu104 is a Lindberg model sold in Mexico by Nexcomisa/Pegaso.



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