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1/32 Tamiya F-14A Tomcat

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Hello Anders!

I'm sorry I can write you something about "decals theme" so late, but I discovered this thread.....just yesterday!


About the rest, let me say you're doing a wonderful job and I really hope to see more about this Tomcat very soon.



Thanks a lot, Carlo! :)/>

Yes, VF-74 is a real favourite here too.

Someday I will return to this build - if I don't go out and get a Trumpeter Tomcat before that... :rolleyes:/>

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Some information about the Aires 1/32 resin cockpit for the Tamiya F14A Tomcat.


I am presently building the 1/32 Tamiya F14A Tomcat and have got the Aires resin cockpit.

In general, the detail is very good and the fit into the model is good.


One thing to note is that the canopy fairing is not the correct length (it’s about 4mm too short) and wont fit correctly to the fuselage.

Check it against the canopy fairing which comes with the kit and you will see the problem.

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