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Here is my list of 1/72 & some 1/48 Aircraft kits & aftermarkets. Many of these kits are desirable!!

I am in the USA and I accept PAYPAL (preferred), Check and Money Orders

ALL kits & aftermarkets are open box sealed contents unless otherwise specified!

SHIPPING is NOT included.

Please email me directly at:





-Eduard [JX062] F2A Bufffalo masks (for Special Hobby Kit) Extensive double masks set $10.00



-Black Magic P-38H/J/L Lightning Canopy/Wheel hub masks $5.00

-Airfix Spitfire Mk. I/II w/ Eduard set & Ultracast exhaust & BoB decals $30.00

-Tamiya Mosquito Mk.VI w/ True Details cockpit, Ultracast Exhaust & Ultracast door $40.00


-Hasegawa Kittyhawk III (–K tail painted) w/ True Details cockpit set, Ultra Cast Exhausts, True Details wheels, Eduard Flap set, & Eduard Canopy Masks $30.00


-Eduard F6F-3/5 Hellcat w/ CE Cowling $30.00

-Special Hobby F2A-3 Buffalo w/ Eduard canopy Masks $35.00

-Tamiya F4F-4 Wildcat w/ Eduard canopy mask $20.00


-Airfix Spitfire Mk. I/II w/ Eduard set & Ultracast exhaust & BoB decals $25.00

-Tamiya Mosquito Mk.VI w/ True Details cockpit, Ultracast Exhaust & door $40.00


-Tamiya Zero type 52 w/ Eduard canopy mask (no figures) $40.00

-Hasegawa C6N1 “Myrt†w/ Eduard canopy mask $30.00

-Hasegawa A6M8 Type 54/64 (w/ resin parts) $25.00

-Hasegawa B5N Kate $20.00

-Hasegawa B6N “Jill†w/ Eduard canopy masks $25.00


-Hasegawa Ki-27 Nate w/Eduard canopy mask & w/Arawasi decals $25.00

-Hasegawa Ki-61 (new release) w/ Eduard canopy mask $25.00

-Hasegawa Ki-43 w/ Eduard Canopy masks $23.00

-Hasegawa Ki-45 w/ Eduard detail set & canopy masks $50.00

-Nichimo Ki-51 Sonia w/Arawasi decals $25.00

-Otaki K5Y “Willow†Trainer $20.00

-Tamiya J2M3 Raiden (Prop Action) $15.00

-Academy LA-7 w/ Cooper detail set $15.00

-Accurate Miniatures US WWII Weapon Set $10.00


WW II 1/72 Collection

Academy P-39Q w/ Eduard 72-043 & Tally-Ho decals 7136 w/ Eduard canopy mask $15.00

Academy P-51C w/ Eduard canopy mask $12.00

Eduard La-7 $9.00

Hasegawa Macchi Mc.202 w/ True Details & Eduard canopy mask $15.00

Hasegawa/ Academy F6F-5N w/ Eduard detail set & canopy masks $20.00

Hasegawa A6M3 type 22, w/ Eduard canopy mask $10.00

Hasegawa Zero type 32 w/ Eduard 72-130 & w/ Eduard canopy mask $15.00

Hasegawa Hurricane Mk.I $10.00

Hasegawa Hurricane Mk. IIC w/ Eduard canopy mask $12.00

Hasegawa Bf-109 E3 w/ Verlinden Detail set & Eduard Masks $18.00

Hasegawa Me-262 w/ Eduard 72-046 & Superscale 72-727 & Eduard Masks $18.00

Italeri Me-210A1 $7.00

Pro-Modeler FW-190A8 w/ Superscale 72-605 & Stencils $12.00

Tamiya P-51D w/ superscale 72-121 $15.00

Tamiya F4U-1D w/ True Details cockpit set & Superscale 72-314 $17.00

Toko IL-2M3 Sturmovik w/ Extra-Tech Detail set $12.00

USN 1/72 Early Jets

Academy F-8J w/ Aires cockpit parts (painted) $19.00

Airfix F2H-2 Banshee $11.00

Fujimi F7U-3 Cutlass (bagged) PENDING

Fujimi A-4E/TA-4F w/ Aires cockpit set ESCI decals $20.00

Hasegawa F9F-2 Panther $10.00

Hasegawa F9F-8 Cougar w/ Airwaves set (bagged) $18.00

Hobbycraft F2H-3/4 Banshee $10.00

Hobbyboss A-7A w/ True Details seat $19.00

Italeri F4U-4B w/ extra kit parts for -5 $10.00

High Planes F4U-5/7 parts $10.00

Tamiya F4D-1 Skyray $12.00

USN Heavies Twin engine carrier borne & Helo 1/72 Collection

Fujimi A-6A w/ True Details seas & Micro-Scale 72-222 (A-6A & a-6E’s), Microscale 72-80 (A-6A’s) $25.00

Trumpeter RA-5C Vigilante w/ Superscale 72-858 $25.00

USAF 1/72 Early Jets

Emhar F-94C Late w/ True Detail Detail & wheel set $20.00

Fujimi F-86F30 w/ Eduard set $15.00

Hasegawa RF-101C w/ True Details seat & Airwaves F-101A/C conversion & Almark decal sheet & Flightpath ladder $30.00

Hasegawa TF-104 $18.00

Royal Navy FAA

Czech Master Resin Supermarine Scimitar $35.00

Special Hobby Hawker Sea Hawk $20.00

Special Hobby Sea Fury Mk.II $15.00

Trumpeter Wyvern $18.00


Hasegawa F-104G/S $12.00

Heller Ouragan w/ decal sheet $12.00

Soccer War Aircraft

-Italeri F4U-5 $10.00

-Tamiya F-51D $15.00


A-model I-270 w/ Neomega seat $10.00

Coopertiva Su-9 w/ etched parts $9.00

Hobbyboss Mig-15 w/ Neomega seat & Extra tech detail set $15.00

Testors-Italeri Mig-29 w/ Neomeaga cockpit set, Aires exhaust nozzles & Tally-ho decals 72-005 (Russian, Iraqi, Czech & East German) $35.00

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