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F-22N Sea Raptor

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nice work. i think if a swingwing raptor is operational, it is a tradeoff stealth when the wings are open for takepoff and landing.

but it should be able to have more lift and carry its recommended loads and yet takeoff in short distance. we need to ask the engineers who calculate all of these physics..

but the australian superhornets will still need a convetional steam catapult won't they?

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Thanks a lot guys!

Tomcat RIO, if we had a carrier to fly our super hornets off I guess they'd need steam catapults. But as it stands they're just replacing the land based F-111s.

My reasoning for the wings is that whenever the plane needs to be stealth it would we going fast, with wings swept. But looking at the layout of the fuselage I doubt my design is possible. It appears there would simply be no room for the pivot mechanism, weapons bays and intake trunks. I guess that's what makes what if so much fun!


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But what kind of a useful load can an SU-33 carry off a ski-jump? Surely less than if it were launched with a steam catapult. I'd still want this Sea Raptor to be able to get off the boat if it had a full internal load and maybe 4 loaded underwing pylons.


actually, i was just reading the other night that the su-33s were launching off the decks of the admiral kuznetzov with full loads and from the shorter of the three possible launch positions with no hassles.

just some useless information....

anyway, i have a 1.48 italeri F-22 kit and will be starting soon. as im slow to finish i dont think ill make it in this GB though.


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I'm sure at least few of you guys remember the Jetfire toy from 1992. It is loosely based off the NATF (F-22N) as well. If you click on images in Yahoo search and then type in Jetfire G2 into the yahoo searchbar you'll see what I'm talking about. Of course these toys pale in comparison to the level of detail that has been devoted to the model in this topic. However it is funny to see them use NATF proposal as a design for a toy.

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Ok folks, here we are, all finished!










I love the swing wing raptor!

Looks like an updated Swing wing F-14...

Speaking of F-14s... I wonder what that Raptor would look like if you mixed it with this...


10 points if you know what this is...

Another 10 points if you know what THIS is!


I always wondered if this old design form 1984, would look like if you combined it with 21st Century stealth technology!...

If someone can show thanks!

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