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1:48 F-16CJ (Tamiya)

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I've done this as a motivational aide. As motivation is something i'm sadly lacking (ask the people who i work with!!).

Anyway, I'm doing this kit as a 52 FW a/c from the op telic era. so far, i've got the kit, hasegawa weapons set D, Eduard boarding ladder, Shull24's SNIPER pod, GBU-38's and the BRU-57 (on order) and the Afterburner Decal sheet 'The Big 22'.

I should have most of the ordanance done later on tonight, so i'll post some pics then. Any help/comments appreciated.


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Hi Mat, Looking forward to seeing your build as I have just ordered this kit this week, I will be building mine straight from the box with TwoBobs decals.

Where abouts in Lincoln are you fella? Have you heard of S.L.A.M (South Lincolnshire Association of Modellers) we are a new club that is growing all the time with some Awesome modellers, like Geoff Coughlin the author of some of the osprey modelling series of books. Heres a link and let me know if you fancy coming along to a meet, are next outing is the Milton Keynes show on the 1st Feb.


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Well after having my airbrush go u/s on me the other night i've finally finished banging my head off the wall and started doing some of the other bits that i can do before a coat of paint is required....

AIM-120, just waiting for a coat of future before it gets weathered (a little) Also needs a touch up on the grey.


GBU-38, again needs a coat of future and the cone painting black/copper.


Front u/c bay, i know the pipes are probably (more than likely) in the wrong place, but it makes the thing look a little busier.


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The nose of the Jdam is good as you have it. Maybe make the pointed cap on it a darker grey or olive drab. Its just a screw on plastic insert. The attachment screws and straps on the front fin package are brass or aluminum but very small.

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Well it's been a while but i've finally got some progress done on this A/C (it's just coincidence that it's the Hendon Model Show this weekend?!?!?)

I'll be posting more over the next two days (which is when i'm looking to get it finished)





Cheers For Looking


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