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Ford Mustang in Bullit... what paint to use??

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15 01 09

Hi guys. Following on from an earlier topic, I recently got the Revell 1/25 scale Ford Mustang Fast back kit based on the car driven by Steve McQueen in Bullit.

When I researched the car, the color was stated as Dark Highland Green. The kit instructions call for Gloss Green Metallic.

Can anyone advise which/what color I could use and if there is an apprxiamte FS number???

I want to build this kit for my brother and obviously need to choose the correct color for it.

Thanks in advance


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Been working away on the Mustang.




The chasis is in two main parts actually, the lower part forms the underneath on the car withthe suspension and so on, and hte upper part is the interior of the car.



Then I masked off the body work and sprayed the chrome around the windows and across the doors.

Disaster strikes!! Didn't notice until too late that a drop of glue had fallen onto the interiro of the rear window!!


About an hour later, after prayers and sanding ....


She's now safely under protection while a new coat of Klear cures!!



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Wow, you did a great job fixing the glass!

Looking good....what color green did you use?

Hey Frank.

I used Tamiya rattle-can TS-9 British Green. I believe the actual color is a shade or two darker, but this is close enough for me.

The glue blob was handled by using using regular wet'n'dry sandpaper, starting with 400, 600, 800, 1000, and hten 1200 grit. Then I switched to the littlecars.com sanding pads set and using the smoother end of the range, worked it up to 12000, which practically is polishing the glass!! Then I used Peek to polish it and a coat of Klear to shine it up a bit. I added the front fender, headlights and joined the body to the chasis tonight and will finish tomorrow. I'll post pics when done


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Can't wait to se it done Liam...the Tamiya rattle cans are awesome, great shine out of the can ad a lot of cool colors. British Racing green is about as dark a metallic green as you're going to get from readily available hobby paints. Testors has Fathom Green Metallic, but its technically for late model Chevy's. I used this color for a 1969 Pontiac Judge to get as close to Verdoro Green as I could...but the metal flakes aren't gold as in the prototypical Verdoro Green.

I always try to polish the glass on my cars, it helps to lessen the distortion of clear styrene...then I give it a dip in Future.

Keep up the great work!

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01 03 09

Finally finished the car.....finished_001.jpg



Only problem is that the kit has two rectangular door mirrors. They useda single round shaped door mirror in the movie!! Anybody got a spare??

Next mad idea is to make a figure to represent Steve McQueen, sorta!


this is waht I started with. The figure on the right is a work in progress and kind of looked like the one on the left unitl I cut him up. Both figures, kindly donated by Col. , came from a racing car pit crew set. They are both posed to be carrying or dealing with equipment so some surgery would be required to pose the chosen one suitable to be standing near the car. The more upright bloke was chosen, but as he was too tall, I cut off his feet and the area where his overalls cuffed in over his shoes and also removed the area around the belted waist. Bit of careful sanding and the two halves (on set on the feet) give him a height that looks more appropiate to the height of the car when looking at still from the movie.


I have started to remove the excess of clothing folds as McQueen seemed to wear straight jeans and a polo neck. The shoes seem ok as some of the stills seem to show him wearing what look like brown suede shoes or something, but definitely not boots.


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