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Several years ago, I bought a few rolls of Parafilm M. Now, I am finally thinking about using them. Is it safe to use Model Master enamels and lacquer paints with, or should it only be used with water based paints Thanks.


I've used both with Parafilm for years and have never had a problem. However, if you leave the film on for a while is will become stiff and hard to take off but it will still come off, just may take a little bit more effort that's all. It did not do any damage so don't worry about that, just letting you know that it may take a little extra effort to take it off after you paint.


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I have been using it with Gunze Mr Color Lacquer paints with no problem, just be careful because the Parafilm is delicate and can be scratched off easily so check to see if there are holes in the parafilm, or you can use a second layer.



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