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AEC Fuel Tankers what colours ????

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I hope i get some where with this Question as i'm stumped :sign_spam: ! i've got to make two 1/48th Fuel Tankers, they are both AEC Tankers, one is a Cylindrical Tanker and one a Artic Tanker, these where used in the 1960's and became a comman sight on many RAF Bases.

AEC Cylindrical Tanker 8 wheeled Version known as the 'Major Mammoth'.

AEC Artic Tanker 10 wheeled Version.

I need to know what they looked like regarding how they where painted ?? eg' where they olive drab or the sort of colour you see nowadays on Modern RAF Bases.

Used to re-fuel Vulcans/Victors/Valients/Lightnings

Any colour pictures will also be appriecated.

Thanks in advance.


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