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I am planning on a Revell 48th F/A-18E in VX-31 colors.

Add ons to include Wolfpack dropped flaps and ATFLIR, Royal Resins Fuel Tank Centerline pylon and weighted wheels and TwoBobs decals.

Looking to do a colorful, asymmetrical loadout, have JDAMs, JSOWs and GBU-24s. Definitely an air show load.


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I'm planning on a Hasegawa 1/48 F/A-18C HORNET NSAWC 25.

Add ons will be Royal Resin weighted wheels, Legend resin Fuel Hornet tank and Fightertown Blue Bandits decal sheet.

And perhaps a Quickboost SJU-17 ejection seat.

Will start after the Dutch Viper. :bandhead2:

My wishlist:

- VX-9 CO bird F-18E with FTD decals.

- VX-9 F18F with Afterburner decals (if release before the end of the GB).

- NSAWC 26 (with FTD deals)

- NSAWC 35.

- F-5E VFC-111 with SB and home made decals

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I'm planing a Barak I #020 (F-16D Blk 30) from IDF/AF Test Sqn Manat.

I'm going to use a Hasegawa F-16D in 1/48th scale with Eduard PE set, CMK Spine, Paragon Deliahs and Isradecals.

Best Regards

Bosse from Sweden

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I'd like to participate with a 1/48 Hasegawa F/A-18E to be built as BuNo 165537 "SD400" with FTD 48-018.

I look forward to building a real test aircraft with photo calibration marks.

I plan to hang 4 GBU-16's with green fins, blue bomb bodies and photo calibration marks under it.

It's going to be a lot of work, but it should look great.

Cheers, Stefan.

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I plan to do a 1/48th Hase NF-14D VX-9 XF254, using of course Fightertown Decals, Aires cockpit, Royale Resin Fuel Tanks, Fine Molds Pitot Tube, Eduard PE, custom PE, Shawn Hull GE exhaust, and hopefully Wolf Pack resin stuff if they come out with it in time. Loadout? Not sure but thinking CBU's.


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Ahh, the question is more like "what DON'T I plan to build"?...

Not that I'll ever get them all done, but the short list would look like:

All Fightertown Decals (hmm, wonder why...)

F-16A NSAWC Blue 53

F-16A NSAWC Brown 51

F-16B NSAWC Blue 07

F-16B NSAWC Brown 05

F-14A NSAWC 13 Desert

F/A-18C NSAWC Blue 20

F/A-18C VFC-12 06

F-14B VX-9 241

A-4E Topgun 50


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On my list are:

1/72 department

F-15B white and red at Edwards

F-4S VX-30

F-16C 527th AS at RAF Bentwaters

F-4F GAF at Manching (no, not the orange one)


Harrier Gr.9 No. 41 Squadron

And maybe I'll think of something else.

Oh, I'm not saying I will build all these things, they're just options.

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What a great GB! I'll be starting a bit later as I have two other models in progress in the Airliner and Tomcat GB. As soon as I can have some clear space on my bench I plan on doing a 1/72 JF-104A. This was the NASA modified Starfighter used to test the reaction control jets for the X--15 program (and other out-of-the-atmosphere aircraft).

Have fun modeling!



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I would like to build a 1/48 F-16C block 42 using the Tamiya Thunder Bird box. With Afterburner Test Viper decals and Dr Pepper War Hud, left side HTS Pod and a Sniper pod from Shull24.


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I'm in, but I'll have to wait till I get home and check the stash.

OK checked. British F-4, in Boscombe Downe colours. Lancaster drone launcher. Then we'll see. Hopefully a QF-4S, but there are just too many great group builds on right now!!!!!

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Count me in! Going to do an F-15C from 65th Agressors Squadron at Nellis using the following goodies:

1/48 Hasegawa F-15C dressed in Afterburner Decals and using:

Blackbox F-15C MCIP Cockpit

Aries F-15 Exhausts

True Details Resin Wheels

F-15C/D Aggressor Eagle Update set

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I would love to build the German BO-105 testbed.


Technically, it is a purely experimental platform with Ophelia mast mounted sensor suite (made by French company SFIM, now part of EADS). But, it is a rotarhead :thumbsup::woot.gif:.

Does it qualify for this GB?



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