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B-58 Resin intakes...any how-to's?

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I'm building the Firefly B-58, with resin intakes, the aires exhaust and flaps. I was wondering if others have strode down this path before...any tips, things to look out for?



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The Aires Exhausts are not designed for the B-58, despite what the packaging says. Their F-4 cans just became a 4-pack, probably when someone over there saw that the two had the 'same' engines, and whether on purpose or innocence, decided to release them. The diameter of the F-4 cans does not match the diameter where the kit exhausts would go. You could slap them on and not worry, or recontour the kit parts to fit the cans; but straight up the difference is noticeable. I ended up using the kit cans and adding some scratchbuilt interior detail to busy them up, to me that was the lesser of the evils since with a NMF finish any sanding you can avoid is a good thing.

Brian W

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