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This dio depicts South Vietnamese marines wading ashore after getting a ride from US Marine's LVTP5 A1's in an operation called " Devine Wave" against the North Vietnamese Armyin Quang Tri province, SVN.

This wasn't a joint operation because by 72, US forces were pulled out and the ARVN were on their own. 1200 Vietnamese marines were landed behind enemy lines in a feint operation.









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Would this be about the time of the '72 Easter Offensive?

Yes, it was!

Here are a couple of in-progress pix:



The styrofoam was transformed by a heat gun to stimulate waves, paper mache also added for extra effects. After the base was painted, I poured some Woodland Scenic Realistic Water onto it, just enough to cover. When dried, I added Clear Caulk to create more "waves" using my fingers for the water effect and painted with Artist oil White. Hope this will answer Jack Swiss!


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The effects of a M-16 round getting caught inthe barrel because of a obstruction like water of other objects is dramatic and unhealthy for the person pulling the trigger and those around him.

It almost happened to me once.

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Do you have anymore in progress shots of doing the water. Would be very helpful to me in another project. I have to redo the water on this project..............




any tips would be greatfully appreciated. This is the HMCS Bonnaventure,Canada's last aircraft Carrier.Myself and friend Jack Frasier built this several yrs ago and the museum let someone else do the water.It was byuilt in 1/72 so is just over 10' long. Well now the water has shrunk and is cracking badly and needs to be replaced.

Thank you for any help you can offer.


by the way your dio looks fantastic,I really think you captured the moment.

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Great water effect. A skill seldom ever realistically mastered, and you have done it well. Congratulations on making history look very much alive.

Was this the Quang Tri - 1972 258th ARVN Marine Brigade "The Divine Hawks" vs. 101st Regiment?

I could almost reach for the mike on the PRC-25.. wow.


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