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If you ask me, not very often we have the chance to see the VALMET L-90 "REDIGO" in service with the MARINA here in mexico now, what I remember about the Redigo is that the last time I saw it in an airshow... like 10 years ago it was wearing a *please shoot me* cammo, now they are wearing something different...

if you like pics of not so famous aircrafts in small airforces you will enjoy Click tha linko

Greetings from Mexico.

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Thanks for the link, OKB KZ!

Do you know anything about their (MARINA) experiences with the Redigo? It was supposed to be an export succes for Valmet yet even the FinAF did not order them more than ten units and those ten birds were never (as far as I remember) used as trainers but as liaison aircraft.

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