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Me410 A-1: To The Finish! 11/7/10

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Here I go again! After a bit of rest I've begun my latest project- hope you're ready for another long adventure. We'll be adding some Aires resin- haven't done that yet- and we'll be meeting some interesting new characters, too. I'd like to detail an engine- if anyone would be willing to sell me part of their Aires engine set, that is. The cowlings are just too pretty to leave both off! Contact me via email if you can help- and thanks!








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Wunderbar! Der Kartoon Master ist zurück.

(with apologies to true Germanic speaking people. you just never know with Babble-Fish)

Looking forward to it Chuk. Who's the female character? She's pretty hot!



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Yaay,.........!! :worship:

I can't wait to see how Marlene, Hans undt Otto get on building this Messerscmitt twin.

O.k, suds.... :yahoo: set!

Popcorn,....huh?...where's the popcorn? Hey,...who ate all the popcorn........? :jaw-dropping:

Oh well, never mind,...I'll just have to get by with more beer! :pray:

So, I'm sitting comfortably,.....bring it on....... :woo:

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Wooooppeeeeee .... :yahoo:

Oh How long have I waited for the MASTER to return... :(

I am NEVER bored nor put off by your excellent caricature style of Modeling -posts....RIVETING{ Excuse the pun :D }

I can read your thread again and again and simply LOVE the way you show how you do your THANG!!! :nanner:

Gentlemen, Niemen Sie Platz !!!

Chukw...all I can say is I am ALL eyes and ears ....Vielen Dank..

HOLMES. ..... :thumbsup:

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OK Chukw, we're all on the edge of our seats for this one. Looks like an excellent subject with aftermarket goodies and probably a good bit of scratch building as well. Your builds are the mose entertaining threads on the forum. Love the new cast of characters you have there. Can't wait for more... :thumbsup:

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Thanks, guys! I'm really looking forward to digging in to this one- it's such a nice kit and such a d@mned cool aircraft! I'll be doing up in the colors shown in the header cartoon- Squadron lists ity as a B-1, but Petrick and Stocker in their beautiful new book have it's werknummer which proves it to be an A-1. I've always wanted to do a black-bottomed Luftwaffe job- and I'll be painting the markings with masks again, too.

Again, thanks to all!


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Excellent choice Chuk, looking forward to following this one!

For inspiration, (not to hijack) here is proof that the canopy can be assembled closed (built this long ago when the kit was first released):


And a couple more showing the whole thing:



And a shot of a black bottomed bird to finish off:


Now please introduce the building cast to us - seems that you've brought in reinforcements for this kit! :thumbsup:



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