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Chengdu J-10B revealed !

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Sine a few days we are sure ... the new improved version of the J-10 has beed revealed. !!




And my most favourite one ....


The new version shows some interesting changes to the older version:

1. A longer nose (on the prototype with a huge boom).

2. Gray oval shaped radome with a flat underside and a canted/angled radome-fuselage demarcation (maybe an ASEA) that leads to a

3. DSI intake.

4. several new formation lights (slime lights) on the front + rear fuselage + tail.

5. IRST in front of the canopy.

6. The rudder tip is now rounded and taller. Possible ECM change.

7. The two rear ventral fins are extended.

8. The exhaust appears a little different this time (in one picture it may be the WS-10A ... I think it's still the old AL-31FN).

9. There is a swelling underneath the parachute boom, same swelling appears on the JF-17s. Could be MAWS.

10. the larger holographic HUD as fitted to the J-11B.

11. an enlarged inner-wing pylon of different shape

Currently the discussion goes on about if there are actually two aircraft (at least no. 01 seems to be real ... the other machine looks altered !)


Just to put it together ... IMO the detail shots and - even not good in quality - overall views of aircraft 01 are proof enough, that this is a real aircraft.

Regarding that "un-numbered" aircraft from the clearer picture I'm not sure if this is ...

1. a psed standard J-10A with all/most the changes incorporated

or ...

2. a second airframe with a different fit.

I really don't think that these are the same aircraft as ...

- the MAW's are missing

- the formation/slime light on the tail is missing

- the radome is different (at least on both available pictures)

- the IRST/LR is on 01 larger and grey …

- something "happened" to the front-gear ... as to the PL-8 (IMO)

- it doesn't have that "new" wing pylon clearly visible on 01

- the engine's exhaust / afterburner looks like a standard AL-31FN ... in contrast to the other one (even if I would be surprised if CAC would test the WS-10A on a new aircraft !)

- 01 has a "black box" an the rear fuselage (maybe chaff(flare disp.) ... the other one a black dot

So ... let's sit and wait a little bit longer.


PS: For more look:


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indeed over at CDF new PS pop up daily..so ill keep my suspicion sense on :cheers:

looks like a great improvement to the baseline model....i was wondering why irst was never included in the original machine.

im 90% sure its still the al-31 as powerplant which is a pity

if real it is certianly an attractive aircraft! :D

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rafale-ish tail. eurofighter-ish overall plan. lavi-ish design mantra.

kudos to the copy kings.

they would come in swarms, these mass produced kitbashed clankers will make raptors run out of missiles..

or they will be even more of a threat being photoshopped endlessly to spawn new hypothetical variants that look so real and have all the rest of the world worried.. bah.

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Cool pics, thanks for them.

Now to see what Trumpeter does with thier 48th kits later this year or so.

Anyone remember the 'upgraded Flying Dragon' I linked to a while ago that had a spine and CFTs? I think it was a J-10C


P.S. if someone can find that thread for me I'd appreciate it, I still cannot get the search function to work. I just typed in J-10 and didn't get a single hit and J-10* got every thread in this forum

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<...> Anyone remember the 'upgraded Flying Dragon' I linked to a while ago that had a spine and CFTs? I think it was a J-10C. <...>

Something like this?


I believe you posted it in some Trumpeter news thread along with some more pics, but I could be wrong. :lol:

EDIT: I've got another pic like that on my hard drive, but Photobucket is acting up on me at the moment. :salute: It has a black background and shows the J-10 from 11 o'clock low with the undercarriage down.

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agreed :D is a epic problem with a lot of PLAAF photos...luckily that usually get superceeded by normal photos in time!

what i have problem with is the radome: half the pic show a vertically attached cone...others a sloped cone that looks PSed anyway :D

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I agree with You, but I can’t think that CAC will get the official PLA-approval to unveil this new type … at least not before flight-testing is done and an operational regiment is formed.

Until then we have to accept those as the best pictures for another time to come.

Quite interesting, they are rumored to be a “semi-official†leak from CAC esp. to show also the public, that CAC is the better fighter designer in China (better than SAC).

And regarding that canted radome … similar to the F-16E’s AESA !??!!


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I cant wait to see normal, sharp, clear photo of that plane. Withtiout suspicious blurringess where none should be. All this foggy, thru-the-trees, five miles away style photography is giving me gas.

Finally clear pictures ... so, no longer any doubts about being a FAKE.




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