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I began working on this diminutive armored car to take a break from my Panther. The panther is now more or less FUBAR, but this little guy is turning out quite nicely. This is the Tamiya kit built more or less OOB, save for new jerry can racks build from scratch (see below)


I'm building this thing as an Afrikakorps vehicle, which allows some creative painting. Early DAK vehicles arrived in Africa in their dark gray finish, and were overpainted in the field with a sandy brown color. This paint often quickly wore away allowing much of the gray to show through.

To achieve such a finish, I began with a coat of Polly Scale Panzer Gray


which was followed with some Tamiya Desert yellow misted on in several coats to achieve varying levels of opacity. This was then followed with a heavy drybrushing of dark gray.


Following the decals, a filter coat of highly thinned burnt umber was applied to give the yellow coat a slightly brown tint, and to tie the brown and grey together. This is a subtle step that is difficult to capture with my cheapo camera. The light levels in this photo actually makes the finish look far more in the red range than it really is.


When this coat is dry, it will get a flat coat, which will be followed up with a pin wash around the raised details. Stay tuned

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I just got the hobbyboss kit for this vehicle...

yours looks excellent!

do you know if there are any aftermarket goodies/figures available? I haven't been able to find any... what did you use for reference materials?

looking thru the box, I noticed that the hobbyboss has almost ZERO extraneous flash... so far, I'm impressed!

hope to get my F4U1-D finished soon so I can get started on this one!

been a L O N G time since I did any armor...

thanks and WELL DONE!


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Looks great :thumbsup:! Brings back good memories having built the original Tamiya release many moons ago. Well done.



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i finished mine, and went for the well worn/hard driven look...

i also got a city corner to put it on in a vignette that i was going to give as a gift... but the scale of the bldg is wrong despite the 1:35 marking on the box...

anyway, i finished it and tried my hand at some bent areas and wear/damage... no bullet marks, as i havent figured out a good way to do it...

i'll ahve to figure out how to post pix on here since i dont use photobucket anymore

now i am working on the 1:35 King tiger Porsche turret... looking good so far and very well made kit


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