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Pro Modeller Wash Steps

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I didn't like the results of my homemade wash so I decided to bite the bullet and purchase the Pro Modeller dark wash. I watched the how to video - which was pretty comprehensive. The wash is applied after decaling. I was wondering if it would ok to apply the wash prior to decaling. Then apply future, then decals, then a flat coat. I used xtracrylics paints which resulted in a somewhat glossy appearance. I was planning on applying future as an added insurance against silvering, but am concerned that repeated coats of paint and future will result in the disappearing of recessed panel lines. Any opinions or suggestions? Thanks!

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Thanks. I was thinking the same thing. Probably will weather post decal also. I was also worried about the decals that go over panel lines, like tail codes on fighters. Even if I used a softener there probably wouldn't be enough of a recessed panel line for the wash to flow into. This is the first time using a wash so I guess I will find out the hard way. I started testing on one of the wings, trying to develop a technique that will get the results that I want. We'll see, I guess...

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