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Might have stumbled upon a new technique

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Now, you'll have to excuse my poor painting skills on the actual panel, but what do you guys think? does that look realistic? I've never seen an actual MFD panel so I'm not too sure if it's accurate, though personally, I'm pleased with the results.

Now, who wants to guess how it was done? :D

EDIT: Also, sorry for the slightly blurry first image. My camera's macro isn't good enough to focus on the panel properly, but hopefully you can see how in different lights, different shades of red/brown are shown.

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Its all about the dry brushing mate, pratice, pratice and more pratice

Edit: nice looking cockpit <_<

er... ah... no no, its not the dry brushing. It’s all an incredible, rare talent shown to me by elves deep in the Emerald Caves of Ireland.

Hey… it’s very easy to do, you’ll pick it up very quickly. Truly is very easy. Keep working it!

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