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New Wolf Pak decals coming in 1/72

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Hi guys,

Mark S has a thread going in jet modelling about a forth coming release that includes decals for several helicopters of the 20th SOS and also 551st SOS. He indicated that he would possibly resize to 1/48th if enough people expressed interest. I've been waiting for 1/48 Pavelow decals for a long time and would be in for at least a couple of sheets.


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I for sure would love to see the 1/48th decals for the choppers. I also have a pave low just waiting for some good decals. Please speak up on this! Mark needs at least 50 folks to be interested to do the decals in 48th. We also need to see one of those H\CH-3E models made in 48th. Wish some company would put them out.

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