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SAR UH-1D German Air Force

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I decided to take Panda´s 1:35 scale UH-1D Heer version


and wanted to buil a fully equipped German Air Force SAR Huey as flown here in Germany on 8 stations 24/7.

Still in use for the forces, it´s primary mission is Medevac for the forces as well as ICAO missions on german territory. But the biggest amount of the missions are still emergency flights when civilian helos aren´t available as well as during night time or rescue hoist missions.

The model comes with a PE part added rescue hoist but it´s very poor quality and low detailed.


The complete medical equip must be scratchbuilt.

But..... I am still looking for an actual UH-1D cockpit, not the old Huey ones. HELP!

At first the original one


and the link to my made reference pics






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the litter was taken from a revell ec 135 kit and shortened


the front seats where covered on the cushioned area with fresh color, then covered with flour. after drying time let the unneccessary flour fall off and paint with airbrush to achieve the look of stuff on the seats


the rear part of the cabin floor is painted back, the bench in the back shortened to a 3 seat version


the only out of th box parts of the hoist are the grey ones baecause as seen above the detail is low. The mast and the small box on the top side. The other parts are scratbuilt



the finished one



the rack behind the pilot seats for the equipment like defibrillators and ekg, etc.....


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The only reason why I didn´t start the 1/48 kit was the lack of detailed equipment pictures!

Now you come with these superb pictures!

Many, many thanks!


PS: PM sent

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Thanks a lot.

I am glad you like it.

I like the hoist most of all scratch parts too.

Hey Anthony,

great to hear from you again.

Yes this is the one...

How is your BK going?

best regards

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I finshed the the bench cushions and the first medical machine on the reck.

The medical device is a vacuum pump used to clean the respiratory system etc, the Acuvac.

The bench cushion was made from plastic stripes covered with Leukoplast, which is tapre from the first aid kit




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Great job!

I have the same kit, and have been scratching it into an Australian Army Huey D...

Although the Aussie Huey is retired, I just had to have one in the collection...

Have been looking at your build, and have enjoyed seeing it built in the manner it was meant to be... Great work.. I too have had to scratch all of the bags and accessories for my build, and am happy to see someone else doing the same to give it life...

Mine however is on the shelf and waiting for me to get the creative juices flowing again...

Cheers, Chris

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Sorry for being redundant but I wanted to say I like the scratchbuilding too.

It doesn't look like you are hurting for references but I'm trying to recall the sight where he has all the rotorhead pics - he had a lot of German UH-1D stuff - Burkhardt something? Anyone?

Edit; Never mind - Alby had his sight in the later post on MI-24 references:


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Hi there,

good to hear you like it.

thx for the links.

I got a lot of SAR version detailed pics myself,but

In the linked pics are no SAR details shown in the pics, sorry. They are not the SAR versions, they only have the SAR sliding doors in orange.

The other pics aremissing covers and parts like junkyard planes:-)

If anyone needs details of the SAR equipment of the GAF Hueys


in there are the other links ecause the pics are too many for one post

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Hi out there,

long time ago I did some building. But now I had some time. Some!

I added some seat belts, the rescue hoist belt and the ked system bag and interior stuff.




...to be continued :woot.gif:

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HEy guys, so I got my cam back from the repair.

I took some pics of the last steps I Made on the "Anneliese"!

I just saw on the pics that some dust settled on the model - bad covered....

I added the bin on the rear right and the infusion balloon, on the left at the rack th mounting for the respiratory hose....



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Nice work indeed. I like all the details you are adding to your Huey. It looks great. your seats are perfect. I will borrow your idea if you dont mind.

There is so much posting on the Huey in so many versions , I think ARC should start a page just for Hueys......who's listening ?


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