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SAR UH-1D German Air Force

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I didi some more on my SAR Huey today after I was blocked by worl the last week.

I did more on the pilot doors, added parts and details on the cabins roof outside and the interior part

I added the framework oaround the overhead panel, as well as the rotor brake and the map reading


Additionally I finished the patients litter











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Which squadron will this be? I have a friend who flew for LTG61 and I have lots of detail pictures, especially the snow shoes. If you had decided to build an NVG equipped UH-1D then the cockpits are completely black - it saves a lot of detailing effort!



Hey Phil...

I guess you won't have to tell George about how German Hueys have to look like... :thumbsup:

By the way: Where's your picture from? I thought I had seen it before.



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Hey Guys,

back from holiday at the freezing german coast I checked my mails.

This Huey is from the 2nd Squadron of the Air Transport Wing 61 in Landsberg, Bavaria.

I don´t know wher e they took the pic, guess it is in the german alps. Could also be the southern Kosovo, Dragas area nut it doesn´t look like they are wqearing the armoured vests, and if I remember right they removed the squadron stickers on the doors down there.

@ Phil: Who do you know flying there?

Thanks, I hope to continue a little bit this week on the Huey.

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Kutscha, Rob,

Sorry about the late reply, I've been very busy. The Photo of the Huey on the Hilltop is in the Alps. My buddy 'Gubby' was the pilot, he's now instructing somewhere else on a different type. When I saw the Hangars at Landsberg/Penzing I was amazed at how clean the German Hueys were, they really are well cared for.

One final tale, the orange paint on the doors cost €50 thousand! Lord knows why, but Gubby operated a button on the stick that rotated the winch out of the door. Of course the door normally has to be open. That's why his Cab had a camo Starboard door. :thumbsup:

I did some Photos for Whirlybirds, they make PE Snowshoes for the skids.


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